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Dr. Swanson, Director of the O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West, and head of its Regional Economy program. Economic change and restructuring in the region, implications of this change for community and regional development, the region's evolving transborder relationship, and the region's changing economy-environment relationship are all focuses of the program.

Mr. Swanson joined the O'Connor Center in November 1994, moving from UM's Bureau of Business and Economic Research where he served as Director of Economic Analysis and Associate Professor of Management for six years.

Prior to his work at UM, Swanson was an economic consultant for over ten years, both independently from his office in Lincoln, Nebraska, and with a Washington, D.C., based firm. He co-authored the Nebraska Groundwater Quality Protection Strategy, one of three EPA-designated model state studies in this area, and served on the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment's panel on Groundwater Contamination in America.

His studies of rural decline in the agricultural Midwest have been repeatedly cited by national media, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post. He also served for three years as director of the Great Plains Office of Policy Studies; the first applied policy research program at the University of Nebraska.

At the O'Connor Center, Swanson developed a new, geographically-referenced database system for systematic identification and evaluation of sub-state, regional economies in the West. The system provides analyses to area planners and businesses throughout the West. Swanson has a doctoral degree in regional economics, public resource management, and community and regional planning from the University of Nebraska and an undergraduate degree in journalism and business.

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