About CRMW.orgMy earliest memories are filled with small snapshots of outdoor adventures. Despite being too young to recall where exactly these adventures took place, I vividly remember the sense of excitement while experiencing new places. Those brief memories of fishing in canoes with my dad and my brother, or backpacking and camping with my mom by the ocean all impressed on me a tremendous appreciation for nature.

The vastness of what could be explored captured my imagination, and that sense of curiosity has continued to motivated me into my adult years.

People have been traveling around the world by foot since the very dawn of time. Going places has obviously been a driving force behind human migration for millennia. Exploring the woods and the mountains is such a natural drive of people that, for many backpackers, it transcends explanation. Backpackers are constantly asking themselves why they are continuing to trudge down the long trail they have in front of them.

Whether you love ascending the hills and scaling the mountains, or traversing coastal trails or the moss covered forest, a good pair of shoes and the right backpacking can take you to new places, and show you a world that you didn’t even know exists. Backpacking is the gateway to an endless stream of new places and experiences.

That’s why I started CRMW.org.  I grew up spending countless days exploring the trails and hills, and everything the woods has to teach me. I want to assemble all those lessons learned and important points that I’ve picked up and bring them here to share on CRMW.org.

I hope you find the information we at the CRMW.org team have assembled useful. If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us here.