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Ultimate Camping Gift Idea Guide For Campers, RV & Vanlife

gift ideas for campers and backpackersDo you struggle to find the right gifts for your more outdoorsy family members and friends?

It can be tricky trying to find unique, practical, and helpful gifts for your outdoorsy loved ones.

There are a lot of suggestions out there these days that are either impractical or your gift receiver has already acquired it along the way.

This list was created by experienced campers, hikers, and outdoors enthusiasts, so any of these gift ideas are a surefire homerun!

Whether you are looking for the best camping gift ideas for families, practical camping gifts for hikers, or just a bit of inspiration to get the ball rolling, you need to checkout our list of new and unique ideas in this post

Camping Gift Ideas

  • Leatherman/Multi-Tool

    • A Leatherman multi-tool is 17 tools, none that can be opened with one hand in any situation. Small enough to keep on your person at all times for any situation.
  • Hot/Cold Drinkware

    • A drink container that can keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! Yes, please. Regardless of the season, keep your drinks at optimum temperature for hours and remove the worry of drinking tepid water when you expect it to be cold.
  • Personal Water Filter

    • A personal water filter is much like a straw and allows you to drink from any water source via the straw, which filters impurities, making it safe by the time it reaches your lips. This makes it one of the best gifts for hikers.
  • Instant Coffee/Coffee In a bag

    • Coffee in a bag or instant coffee sachets are single servings of coffee packaged for your camping convenience. Surprise your camping fanatic with some of the best mapping gifts that include single servings of coffee that are easier to store and dispose of when used.
  • Solar Charged Lantern

    • You never know if or when you will have electricity, so solar-powered items are ideal as they self charge during daylight for use after dark. Available in different sizes and designs, these make great camping gifts for dads for oyu outdoors adventures as a family.
  • Sleeping Pad

    • Sleeping pads pack down really efficiently, making them ideal for camping and hiking as you can roll them up. Choose a sleeping pad that is 2.5 to 3 inches thick for ultimate comfort.
  • Portable Power Station

    • A portable power station is an ideal gift for hikers and campers alike, and they are in many different sizes and power os. Make sure when you choose one, you look for something suitable, from handheld sizes that are great for hikers to larger units for keeping in the car or van.
  • Phone Charging Case

    • A charging phone case offers you a great way to recharge your phone as your battery dies. Ensure that both your case and phone are fully charged before leaving home to get the maximum benefit.
  • Rechargeable Fan

    • A rechargeable fan can be charged via USB and means that it doesn’t;t need an electricity source to power it constantly.
  • Rechargeable portable faucet

    • A portable faucet attaches to the top of a water supply and allows you to dispense water as you would via a normal faucet at home. This helps you avoid water waste and make it easier to drink from, bathe with or clean up and is a great and super practical camping gift.
  • Flash Cooking System

    • A flash cooking system is a small device that combines a burner and cooking vessel in one and is really portable. In a few minutes, you can have hot water for drinks or dried food pouches. They are safe and secure to use and are ideal for those who love convenience on the go.
  • Dopp Kit

    • A purpose-built storage bag for your toiletries. Keep everything safe and clean in one space when staying out overnight.
  • Headlamp

    • A headlamp is one of the most portable lights you can take with you when mapping or hiking due to the fact you can use it with and keep both your hands-free to do other things. In an emergency, a headlamp can be a literal lifesaver.
  • Dry Bag

    • Dry bags protect your belongings from wet weather or accidental spillages. Perfect for campers who love to head out in the rain or camp near water-based locations, a dry bag is one of the best gifts for campers.
  • Portable Wash Bag

    • The last thing you want is to be taking many outfit changes when camping or even when staying out overnight for a hike. A portable wash bag allows you to freshen up outfits when out and about, ready for you to wear them again.
  • Portable Coffee Maker

    • Coffee on the go. No compromising on quality and taste, this is ideal for those who need to pick me up in the morning.
  • Rain poncho

    • For when it rains! Rain ponchos come in different styles and designs, but one thing they have in common is their ability to be packed away and carried anywhere. A good quality rain poncho will be a life saver for unexpected downpours.
  • National Park Pass

    • A National Park Pass will allow you access to some of the most beautiful landscapes across America for an entire year for the whole family. You can explore to your heart’s content or surprise all over with this fabulous hiking gift.
  • Collapsible dishware

    • The less you carry, the better, especially when on a long trail or camping further afield. Robust dishware that collages when not in use reduces how much space it takes up in your backpack, allowing for a much lighter load.
  • Camping Toilet

    • For your convenience. There are a few different camping toilets, but all of them are designed to help you do what you need to do and dispose of your waste safely.
  • Handwarmer

    • It can get cold overnight, and a hand warmer is small enough to fit in anyone’s pocket and offer a warming embrace on a chilly evening.
  • Backpacking Camping Chair

    • Backpacking camping chairs are small, foldable, and lightweight, allowing them to be carried easily on long hikes or remote campsites. They’re to just the best camping gifts for dads but the whole family too.
  • Bluetooth Speaker

    • These small but handy devices can offer you when out and about in the great outdoors. Listen to music or amplify the sound of a movie when out and about by taking a Bluetooth speaker. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy the added ambiance.
  • USB Charged Shower

    • A USB charged shower is charged via your power bank or car and can offer you a chance at freshening up when at one with nature. All you need to do is to charge it up, hang the showerhead and attach the hose to a water supply for your own shower wherever you are.
  • Propane heater

    • Propane burns cleaner than gas, and they are small and portable enough to keep you inside a tent or keep you warm outside without having to make a fire. So if you struggle lighting a fire, this is a great alternative.
  • Fishing Licence

    • If you enjoy fishing, you need a great camping gift for dads who love fishing; then, a fishing license allows them to frequent many different lakes to fish legally throughout the year.
  • First Aid Kit

    • Every camper and hiker needs a first aid kit. Buying a ready constructed kit with everything you need in an emergency can help you address any minor accidents and injuries easily.
  • A Night A In A Cool Camping Spot

    • How cool would it be to be surprised with a thoroughly researched, all-paid-for, night or two at a cool camping spot?! You could even look into unique “glamping” spots for a little bit more luxury!
  • Gas Card

    • We would complain in the slightest if a friend or family member surprised us with a gas card! With gas prices over $3 dollars in most places, it would be a well received surprise!
  • Sleeping Cot

    • Although it will never compare to a fluffy bed at home, a sleeping cot can make a world of difference when you’re talking about using traditional camping sleeping options.

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    The best thing about buying the best camping gifts is that the products are versatile and practical every day. For avid campers or expert hikers, giving them times that will make their trips easier is a win-win all around.