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What Is Dry Camping? Everything You Need To Know

what is dry camping reviewedAre you seeking adventure this year?

Why not save some hard earned cash by ditching the luxury resort or hotel and opt for a little nature instead?

You may have heard it referred to as car camping, van life, or overloading, but it is all considered dry camping.

This unconventional camping phenomenon is spreading like wildfire and becoming all the rage and is the new thing to do.

If you want to improve your road trip and upgrade your camping at the same time, all while saving money on resort and hotel fees, then continue reading on for a detailed guide to dry camping.

The definition of dry camping is when a camper chooses to use a Van, RV, Truck, or other motorhome as a home base camp site. These camping motor vehicles typically have no traditional electrical power or water hook ups, and rely unconventional means to cook, clean, and entertain. Although dry campers will often stay at traditional camp sites, they will also utilize free public lands, rest stops, and overnight parking-friendly businesses to set up as their campsite.

What is Dry Camping?

Dry camping is not the same as camping in a tent in a field. Camping in a tent is always fun, but dry camping is the step up from that.

Dry camping – or long term camping – is in an RV or a motorhome that doesn’t have hookups. If you’re looking at camping for beginners, hookups give you the access you need to electricity and water while you’re on the road.

A dry camper would usually set themselves up on either public land or private with permission. Think state parks and country parks. There are a range of free campsites out there that can be used.

What Do I Need?

If you are looking into camping for beginners, it can help you to know what you’ll need for dry camping to be a success! There is a list you need to make sure that you have the best time, and here it is:

  • RV, Van, or Truck – This is going to be your transportation and your place to sleep and get out of the weather. You need an a transportation system that is the right size for you and your needs. Some people need as little as a back of a truck cab with a bed and a few pull out drawers, others may want a bit more head space and opt for a sprinter van, truck camper, or an RV with a more spacious layout. Whatever you choose, make sure that it fits your specific needs.
  • Food. – You don’t want to starve, right? Bring a cooler with ice to keep food cold and learn how to pack it to ensure it’ll stay cool. You’ll need some dry food, too, and a set of camping cooking gear to get it nice and hot!
  • Water – If you don’t have hookups for water you have to bring your own. If you want to be fancy, you can buy a straw filter to filter the impurities in river water and save on space.
  • Solar Power/Battery Power Station – You need a way to connect to the world if you plan to update your travels. If you want lights, bring a generator to charge your RV battery and run what you need as you use it!
  • LED lights – Make sure that the lighting you power is LED – it’ll last longer!
  • Emergency kit From a backup set of matches and candles to spare (charged) batteries, you should have an emergency “just in case” kit. First Aid Kit and an emergency radio is also a must.

Advantages of Dry Camping

It’s a fantastic way to get out and experience nature in all its glory without sleeping on the ground.

  • It’s economical compared to hotels and resorts
  • Experience breathtaking campgrounds and cultures as you travel
  • It provides waterproof and air controlled shelter
  • Once you’ve experienced all a place has to offer, you’re off to the next one!
  • You can experience being “off-grid”.
  • It costs a fraction of traditional RV’s or Camper Vans


  • There are some legal limitations with your adventure: research everywhere you want to stop so you’re parking legally.
  • Without water and power, you have a challenge ahead that may feel overwhelming.
  • You can overpack and end up with very little space

What is dry camping? Check out this detailed video


With the rising popularity, dry camping is sweeping the nation and world as the most popular means of camping! It’s the most economical, convenient, and comfortable way to travel the country while saving money. It’s a really fun and easy to get started, and will be a great project that will get you excited to travel. Dry camping Dry camping may not be for everyone, but it certainly will be a once in a lifetime experience filled with cherished memories for you!